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Discipline or Child Abuse?

Discipline or Child Abuse?

Posted in the Gainesville Sun, June 25, 2012

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Remembering the Forgotten War

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This is an edited version of the Korean War article published previously on this blog. It was published Memorial Day 2012 in the Gainesville (FL) Sun. The publication is my way of saying thank you to Marty, Jim Butcher, David … Continue reading

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The Annals of Sam: A Short Story

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My name is Sam, short for Samantha. I can’t tell you where I was born, or who my mother was. As smart as I am, I cannot remember much prior to my arrival here, where I live with two humans, … Continue reading

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Five years after the end of World War II, during a time meant to be devoted to postwar rebuilding and remembrance, on a peninsula approximately the size of Florida, a small country was invaded by its northern twin across the … Continue reading

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Gravity’s Rainbow – Greatest English language novel of the 20th Century

If you have heard much ado about Gravity’s Rainbow but could not get past the wall of words, or don’t get what’s all the fuss, then I think this is especially for you. It is also for people who love … Continue reading

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Pain is largely a misunderstood construct. This is odd, as everyone has experience with pain, and it has been studied extensively. Nevertheless, it remains a mystery, even to those who believe they know it best. What we understand as pain … Continue reading

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A Child Has Died

This article was posted in the Sunday Gainesville Sun 3/4/12. Special to The Sun Published: Sunday, March 4, 2012 at 6:01 a.m. Another child has been murdered. It was not my intention to write this, I simply poured coffee and … Continue reading

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